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Our company was founded in 1930 by Mr. Angelo Mariani (Anacleto’s father), who at the time with his brothers managed a carpenter’s workshop and produced furniture destined to the Italian market.

In the 1960s  Anacleto, with his brothers Piero and Carlo, established a Firm, that for about 20 years has been the heart of an extraordinary moment of development and new generational formation of the Mariani’s brothers.  In fact, through their artistic sensibility they predicted the experimentalism trends of the international and of the local design which in those years opened up new horizons in the furniture production.

In 1987 Anacleto Mariani, pursued his personal and business activity with the foundation of Company “ANACLETO MARIANI S.R.L.”. Thanks to the hard activity in the territory of the several craft workshops (that even today are operating in the Low area of Brianza), Anacleto could be able to design and realize big “Turn Key” projects, especially abroad, where he had the opportunity to adapt and to furnish already existing spaces or building new residential areas from scratch.

Anacleto Mariani’s vocation consists in design, innovation, excellence, preciousness. He wants to create beauty, confort, to define an inimitable style suggestion repertoire: all this led the company to success and to become a leader in the interior design & decoration sector.

Our first projects date back to 1987 and among the most important we can mention: furnishings of palaces in Riyadh  and Casablanca of HRH KING OF SAUDI ARABIA ABDELLAH  BEN ABDELAZIZ AL SAOUD (1924-2015), QUEENS HOTEL of Brighton (England) and furnishings and decorating of Restaurant and Piano bar EL BORSALINO of Kreuzlingen (Switzerland).

Since year 2005 and for every following year, our Company has been present to SALONE DEL MOBILE of Milan, the most important Fair and worldwide meeting place,  for all operators of design and furnishings sector. In addition to Salone del Mobile, Anacleto Mariani took part in the most famous and important Fair in all the world, e.g. INDEX of Abu Dhabi, INTERIOR MEBEL of Kiev, INDIA FURNITURE EXPO of Mumbai, TRIPOLI INTERNATIONAL FAIR of Tripoli – Libya, CROCUS of Moscow, BUILDEXPO ETHIOPIA of Addis Abeba, MYS of Montecarlo and to IFFS of Singapore.

In year 2015, Marco, Anacleto’s Mariani son, joined the firm. Thanks to Marco and to his stimulating, fresh and innovative ideas, the Company finds, proposes and rediscovers again a more modern kind of luxury , increases its interests towards new countries and markets, adopts a cosmopolitan dimension. Thanks to his talent, to the extraordinary process started and to the growing opening on international level, the Company take flight to success.    


Our mission is to create a path that leads to quality and  excellence, to offer to our client the best possible service, to build up a relationship with our customers bringing in their homes, in their projects, the real art of living luxury in every space.

Our brand is based on values such as trust, reliability, uniqueness, elegance, originality and Made in Italy.  Our values are the lifeblood of our company, behind each choice you will find those values, in each project  you will find these values, behind each project there is a story to tell.

Thanks to Anacleto Mariani’s special creativity and to his curious approach, the company is able to develop beautiful design luxury projects that resume and represent all the refined Italian style and the attention to detail.

Our strength comes from the capacity to offer absolutely unique and totally customized solutions, from the possibility to realize “ Turn Key” projects. Our Company realized and worked on huge design works, tailor-made and performed in accordance with best practice; we proposed and promoted “Contract” projects where we cared about every production stage until final delivery and on-site assembly. Ad hoc solutions and inimitable results.

Our collections are characterized by the extremely high quality, the refinement of style and the delicacy of the shapes. In our creations comes up the big love and respect for the italian classic tradition, even if recently we are going to opt to a more contemporary luxury and fancy, a style that wants to create a bond between present and past, between tradition and innovation.

All our design and production processes are personally monitored and carefully followed from Anacleto and Marco Mariani in order to meet the demands of a really picky customer. Every single item is designed in order to obtain top of quality, of elegance and balance.

Our client is always the focus of our choices and what we want to guarantee is excellence.